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   Large Facility Design

The Aud
Kitchener Memorial Auditorium

400 East Avenue
Kitchener, Ontario
N2H 1Z6


Fig. 1  Sound dispersion in the Aud at 4kHz (click for larger image).
The Kitchener Memorial Auditorium (The Aud) design specs called for a sound p.a. system capable of providing voice, foreground and background music amplification for its 6000 seat arena.  Our design replaced its existing sound system to a central cluster TOA Z-drive system, driven by 9 TOA 1090 amplifiers controlled by a TOA ACF1 processor, and eq'd with a TOA E1231 31 band equalizer.

To ensure smooth coverage of the seating, Paul Reibling designed an 18 speaker array, where six speakers on the sides covered the lower and higher seating levels, and two speakers on each end covered end seating zones, as well as providing sound for the guest boxes.


Fig. 2 Loudspeaker array CAD design for right side (click for larger image).
The location of the speakers was limited by the recent installation of a prominent video scoreboard, which could not be blocked by speakers.  This meant the speakers had to be located above the scoreboard, and had to be carefully aimed so that high frequencies were not blocked by structural elements of the arena, as well as hanging banners from the ceiling.  The system was aided by the presence of sound-absorbing insulation which had been applied to the ceiling of the arena to prevent heat transmission, but which greatly reduced the ambient reverb time of the hall.

The system is now capable of delivering clear voice and music communication throughout the arena for any type of event, and signal source.

 Worship Facility Design

Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly
395 King Street North
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada   N2J 2Z4

Fig. 3  S
ound dispersion in WPA at 4kHz (click for larger image).
The Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly church seats 700 people in a fan-shaped configuration.  Worship services feature a live band playing contemporary Christian music, so the sound system was spec'd to deliver full-range concert performance sound.  A JBL array was designed, incorporating 4892 mains, 4893 subs, and driven by MPX amplifiers-- 1200 watts subs, 1200 watts mids and 600 watts highs.  The system is, fed by a Spirit Live 8 console and controlled by a DSC 280 digital controller.


Fig. 4 Loudspeaker array CAD design (click for larger image).
The location of the speakers was determined with CADP, and then aligned after installation using MLSSA.  The three cluster array provides excellent room coverage, with the subs located below the worship platform.  The largely untreated reflective room surfaces presented a challenge to keep early reflections from degrading speech intelligibility and this was overcome by careful selection of the loudspeaker's dispersion pattern relative to the room dimensions.
 Other Projects Include...
Cambridge Centre Mall - design and install, paging and background music, ice rink sound system
Galt Arena Gardens - design and install, foreground music, announcements, paging
Glenn Gould Studio, CBC Broadcast Centre, Toronto - acoustical analysis
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