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  What We Do

dm services is a professional sound system installation firm specializing in the design and project management of audio and communication-based systems.

Our goal is to assist corporations and institutions to communicate clearly and effectively through the use of state-of-the-art technology.


Our service encompasses a threefold process:
  1. analysis
  2. development
  3. implementation

All of this is designed to ensure that the end result is a system that meets the client's requirements.

 1. Analysis
 We can work with you to assess your needs, or if you have a design specification already created, we can take this and offer input from our experience to ensure that the system we provide you meets your requirements.
 2. Development
Once the design spec is determined, our development engineer will combine experience with computer-design software (eg CADP) to predict how the proposed system will perform, and make recommendations on any changes that will be necessary for it to meet the specification.
 3. Implementation
Our installation team will implement the final design, test the results using computer verification software (eg MLSSA), and ensure that the installation both meets the design specification, and your expectations.